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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


so when i was in Gran canaria i had a thing about toilets-.in a healthy way.just noticing strange things on the walls and writing on handdryers and storageplaces etc have a look





Monday, March 27, 2006

care for a cup a tea?

so, its late..

and ive just got back from the cinema, worked first from till 5 then had tea with me sister and then wandered town for abit,which was very nice afta a looong and busy day at work..and then i thought id watch "walk the line" in the cinema and got tickets at 7 thinking the show started at half7 only at haf7 to realise it started an hour later.doh.so i slacked around in the cafe drawing on a sign board - check it out and be tempted to an italian soda wiv watermelon or blueberries or a fresh fresh fruit frappecino.yap.thats wot i did.how can u be so clumsy i dunnot know..so i went and got some music in the sales..John Legend,Tom McRae and wait for it..haha..Dolly Parton..interesting mix. only had a quick listen while waiting for the bus.its good to be out at night wiv the only light being the lamp posts and the then the church in front of it all.i feel safe.safe.unbreakable.not true but still safe.safe

Walk the line was great i really really really enjoyed it and its been a while( i mean,ive seen some lousy ones lately) I need more of his records ive got one tho,.amazingzing

oh something funny happened today, the actors for the norwegian film "lange flate baller" was at the cinema to do a promotion thingy/press and came to ours for grubs and drink, and it was great to see how laidback they were,quite funny to, and me jokin around as always had a laf wiv them.very funky.yes

and thanx to all who came to choco today (even tho u didnt come 2 see me hehe it was great to see you all) you know who you are. The rest of you...i fink you need a hot choc wiv cream and sprincles comecomecome

hello and good night..ill try and add sum photos rite now after closing this post..if they dont appear then look forward to next time yeah

you are bonkers yes you

Friday, March 24, 2006

guten tag,was ist los?

hello there,

its been a while

things have happened

yes we are back in sunny freezing occasional snowy stavanger and it feels good..ive tried to update and include pics from me sisters pc but it wouldnt upload them that is the reason for no pics from the holdiday yet..its time will be later and rewarded..hehe..

also the other night me and hanne therese was avin a look at the music summer festivals this year and was gutted that the tickets for oxegen in irland were alreaddy sold out, apparently they were all gone within 12hours,blimey..so we did sum surfin and stumbled upon a german festival and yesterday we booked our tickets!!!!and its gonna be crazy, the prize is 96 euros including the 3day festival,camping and parking - come on..all we need to figure out is how to get there from hamburg. flights arent to expensive either and knowing the line up of artists its definately gonna be worth it.check it out at www.hurricane.de its all in german haha but u should be able to track it down. BUt.. if others are gutted about oxegen and wanna go to germany (hurray) then yes we are up for driving, especially if youve got a car!hehe
heres a few of the artists: take a deep breath:
Ben Harper/sigur rõs/muse/the cardigans/arctic monkeys( i bet you look good on the dancefloor,put on yer dancing shoes)/donavon frankenreiter/death cab for cutie/manu chao/the strokes/the hives/elbow/the ark/shout out Louds and many more phuh fantastic eh

today i got snowboardboots yes, nice. wot else,hmm there isnt much else except for am going to djermaniiiii this summer.happy

have a look at my latest link for photos - its wicked

thats all for now, ill sort them photos as soon as i can and no no no i havent had me hair chopped

Friday, March 10, 2006

2n to last day

ive been to canary islands wiv me family for the last week but tomorrow we will be going back to o´cold norway..from 28+ to -4...brr...
i can tell this blogsite will be a mixture of sumtimes english n sumetimes norwegian,ill let of know when ive made up me mind...
the time here has been amazing and very much relaxed, which was just wot i needed,last month,february,i worked 174hrs so i was deff in need of sum chill out - on the beach!!
ciao all me loved ones

Thursday, March 09, 2006

hola comoestas

igaar va eg ude aa spiste me marte(barndomsvenninna) og Glenn,kjeristen hinnar i puerto rico og det va digg.men daa eg kom tebage fra edingaa saa hadde ikje famlien komt tebage fra sitt edegilde ennaa og de hadde nyglanne te rommene!jaha.nais..saa eg venta og plutseligt kom vakten bort og me hadde foelgene intresante samtale-min spansk e minimal og han konne ennaa mindre norsk. veldi komplisert i og me at eg konne ja,nei,hei,hvordan gaar det,kylling,ananas,appelsin,vann med og uten kullsyre.men me haandbevegelser nikking og "lagte"spansk kom me fram te ganske masse og det va utroligt vittigt. huskte to ord fra manu chao og kom dermed fram te at eg bodde i norge.moi zu casa noruega!hasta lavista

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

4done 3to go

jess naa har me aert her i 4dager og me e paa vaar daglige..elle kver 3dje e vel merr rett oppdatering paa det gode liv i norje. nu skal vi ut og ete paa pancho willa, imaaraa staar shopping for doeraa saa det e gudd. idag paa strandaa saa va det ein saa doede men ingen vett heilt kossen og koffor.personen laag tildekte i kvitt klede i oeve ein time.det va ikje kaos men ingen svar helle.me tror det va hjerteslag kanskje.naagen tror at det ca kriminelt pga saa mye polti og lide ambulanse,sistnevnte dro ganske kjapt og kom ikje tebage foer ein time seinere.
det e galvarmt men litt merr oeveskya idag. itte ferien bjynne ett nytt og bedre liv.meg og pappa ska symma to dager i ugaa og meg og ht ska ha snobe og chips stopp..jalp..
snakkes senior og damar
ht minne litt om courtney cox bagfra ikveld saa dokk faar spoer hu om koffor

Sunday, March 05, 2006

sun baby sun - ja!!!!!!

Saa ligger vi paaa stranden og hoerre boelgene bruse
en solskinnsdag i ferien min
her skal vi bade,soloss og ete
ja denne ferien tror jeg blir fin
fritt oversatt fra postgirobygget

me e i gran canaria puerto rico og det e skikkeligt nais.har som sagt bada,ede og kost oss galmasse.har sitt ett artigt skilt der det sto "paradise lost"...

e paa ein internett"cafe" inni ein spelehall og hanne therese har allerede gaatt ner paa kne for meg

alt vel me heile familien.her e det 26grader i skyggen..hoerte dokk hadde faatt merr snoe..dakars

graciaz xx

Thursday, March 02, 2006

strange people

funny faces

some of em neway

cream crackered

am sooo nacked.its been a dead busy week and i avnt had a day off since last tuesday, that being last month.flip. today i worked 925 then made a leap to catch ferry to me nans for tea.she made me sumfin i dont know the word for...its similar to meatballs only they are close to flat instead and they are made of fish not mince.and no itsnrot fishfingers.

i cant stand girls magazines very much at all cause they tend to be full of crap and advertisement etc (most of them)(no offence to people who like em), but its amazing wot crazy tiredness can do to you.so i got one one on the way back along with some salty licorice fishes...the latter were more interesting tho.

still havent had a chance to sort out sunglass photos,patience is a good thing,a worrying thing too sometimes.

am going to the canary islands on saturday with me family which will be real nice, me mum n dad are there already, so me n sis will go together..and we have to get up at 5 - AM! but for a week of sun,beach,sea,sun,beach,sea,ice cream,beautiful tan and great food + the "odd" couple of "red"tanned danes,swedes,germans, and white english laying about...interesting
ill deff take some pics of that . .hehe

wish you all a beautiful weekend

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

movie by movie heart to heart

so i like watching films yeah, so i thought id make a list of sum good ones i like.am not a list person but am learning, often i try to list things that i gotto get sorted but not very much likely to stick to the plan, but this list ive seen already so am sorted.fantastic: here goes:
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • Finding neverland
  • Spirited away
  • Amelie
  • The Nightmare of Christmas ...uhm...suddenly not sure if thats wot its called-by time burton neway...
  • Monstertorsdag
  • Så som i himmelen

Som films id like to see but havent gotn round to yet..am quite rubbish at that..getting round to watching

  • walk the line
  • hawaii oslo
  • xmen 1 n 2 as the third will soon be in the cinema
am at a internetcafe and the place is looking rather cool with its funky orange computertables,well matching my red "sun"glasses which i will post later..looking rather nice id say myself.heh.my colleagues only lafd.i dont get it
off now to do somethink non sensible and do a bit of driving too before work at 5
ciao ciao all me loved ones