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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i like playing misty edwards really loud
i like making cupcakes at midnight
i like tasting that dough every now and then
i like beautiful messages from friends
i like you
i like chillin in the kitchen with the big daddy
i like the "find me i surrender"
i like the fact the fact that i am loved
i like the fact that fake flowers cant die as they are getting drenched outside on the altan (?)
i like the fact that i can jump higher than elephants
i like the people who invented skype, no hang on there... I like skype thats what i do
i like the smell of cupcakes soon being done, and another tray to be getting ready for the heat
i like looking out the window -seeing the beautiful outside+the window reflection of the living room and myself
i like that you like what you like and that i can like what i like just because i like it

Saturday, May 23, 2009

subkultur safari

Invitasjon til Subkultur Safari, Kvitsøygata 10, Stavanger. SubkulturSafari