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Friday, November 30, 2007


im in control of my own time

they say glasses makes you smarter, i wonder if these are doing me a favour

i like sepia.i feel tanned

Thursday, November 22, 2007





part from that



no way im telling you its better than good.it is brilliant!!!life is great and great things are happening.today i got offered to work at to festivals this summer!!woop woop
today there were 40% discount on all fruit and vedg in the local supermarket. and i bought so much i couldnt carry it all with me so they lent me the trolley to take it hope , see pic plus i had another bag over my shoulder.it was great fun to walk the street with that red thingy. when i got home i realised i had forgotten to buy vedgstock so i had to go back.im making soup you see. got to the supermarket and i got some other things aswell as you do including a toothbrush, i didnt bother getting a basket so carried it all in me hands and got to the till and put the stuff down only to suddenly realise the toothbrush had got stuck in my scarf hanging down right below my chin.oh dear that was hillarious.and so figured the till man too..walking home i realised i have walked round in the shop like that made me laf loud, especially as i walked past the same 2 girls 3times haha

so now im gonna eat some nice carrot bread with cream cheese and avocado, then im gonna make soup.lots of soup and then study..its a glorious day

Praise the Lord. am very thankful.

il bring on the pic later, cause blogger is having trouble uploading it.its taking forever.il listen to cold war kids instead!


Monday, November 19, 2007

its a brand new day hey!

heisann godt folk

her e goe nyheter:


og kanskje mindre goe nyheter alt ittesom.... :

Sunday, November 04, 2007



some of them come now
some of them running
some of them looking for fun
some of them looking for a way out of confusion
some of them don't know what to be
some of them don't know where to go
some of them trust their instincts that something's missing from the show
some don't fit society,
insides are crying low
some of them teachers squash the flame before it had a chance to grow
some of them embers do glow
them charcoal, hushed and low
some of them come with the hunger suppressed, not fed
them feel a death blow


young man, control in your hand
slam your fist on the table and make your demand
take a stand
fan a fire for the flame of the youth
got the freedom to choose
you better make the right move
[Youth lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

young man, the power's in your hand
slam your fist on the table and make your demand
you gotta make the right move

"youth is the engine of the world" x2

storm the halls of vanity
focus your energy
into a laser beam
streaming shattered light
unites to pierce
between the seams
and it seems
tear the world open, peer in the children see rapid fire for your mind. half the truth is just a lie, they rub me the wrong way, they say their way or fall behind. seven subjects disconnect, left out the concept as to why there's a spiritual emptiness, so the youth them get vexed, skip class and get wrecked fill with beer and cigarettes to fill the hole in their chest


you got freedom to choose
better make the right move
you got the freedom to chooooose