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Friday, August 24, 2007

veggiesoup for a veggie and a not

so, after a nice meal in the sun followed up by a not so very nice cuppa coffee..i got out this odd cd from my shelves, i think it was the amazing album cover that did it for me this early evening. As time was coming for a litle more of revising, old tunes were oh so very much more exciting..

classic hits...but as i played them me housemate gave me a strange look and smiled at the oh even more classic moves(think aerobics oh ja) She said it was before her time - how outreagous (sp?)! my definite favours and flavours were:

(i tried to find them on youtube, but no luck)

T SPOON : Take Me 2 The Limit

(better luck on this one)

DAWN PENN: You Don´t Love Me (No, No, No)

and of course...

CJ LEWIS: Sweets For My Sweet

(not the original video for sure..ut the tune is real oh real)
better luck on your coordination gals...

and if your not in hysterics of lafter, tears, hideous memories, surpised emotions wrestling in mind, or anything else, enjoy the sunny summer loveliness of todays

and i who thought i was behind my time

Thursday, August 16, 2007


i fart in your general direction, your mother was a hamster and your father smell of elderberries...