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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

silly things

silly things ive done lately 1) stumbled over a persons feet in the library 2) ickle tired at work and put steamer in fridge so when latte only needed milk i couldnt find it 3) made a funny sign for the cafe just as the mcdonalds manager came by 3) asked a customer the same question 3times b4 realising they had answered it 4) saying words wrong to colleagues,friends and customers 5)the list can go on am afraid 6) hyped up this funky arty farty market in town to a friend, took her to it on the sunday 0nly to see it was close to closed as most people were away for their bank holiday so we had some Eenglish breakfast" which were nuffin like "english breakfast" maybe because i didnt want the sausages i dunno...but the latte was nice 5)making shortfilms of myself - one is called fish on land and it will never be published here 7) i cant think of nemore..something not very silly more stupid really cause sat up till 4pm yesterday trying to figure this blogging thing out and had 4hr sleep b4 getting up for a 8hr shift at work and now am doing the same only time is 0153 so now am off, trying to be sensible theses days...uhm... god natt here is a nice picture of the view from outside me familys cabin and the road down to it - you should all come and visit sov godt

Friday, February 24, 2006

beats for your heart and feet- come on

i just bought loads of cds which am very happy about and i figured out id let you know which they were,cause u should all get them. ill find the title later as i cannot remember them all..haha..here they are:

Juana Molina - segundo
Matrix reloaded soundtrack album
Stina Nordenstam - and then she closed her eyes
Coco Rosie - Noahs ark
Arctic Monkeys - their 1st and only album so far(..not its name tho)
N.W.A -

They are all fantastic, havent had a good enuff listen yet to the NWA or matrix but the juana,coco,and stina album is all quirky and funky female vocals.deff worth checking out.. at this very moment am looking for the "how to create this is wot am eavesdropping too and readings for busrides to work help button" anyone?

my 3rd blog!

hello there, as the title may tell you ive already tried this blog thingy a few times with no success really, the first one was a disaster and the secound never got ne posts at all. difficult is, to write in norwegian or english as i got friends here in norway an elsewhere..i think maybe perhaps there will be some mixed thoughts...we'll see
so am now just gonna try to post this one and then we will take it from there arite?famtastic...on the road again...