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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i never quite got the pout thing going,

so at 01:21 am this is what i came up with instead.

no i havent got too much time on my hands.ive really got too litle.cause am going to uk on thursday and im abit out of everything i shoudl do done or not have done.dear me dear you.x

Monday, July 16, 2007

alls not lost

another day has just gone bye.and i am left with the feeling of joy.joy is my mood.

i am seated in the doorway to the altan at my flat.bum in the house feet on the wooden boards.the air is chilly but oh so nice.yes.right beautiful it is.

our landlords came over in june to give away this tinytiny bbq that had been outside in the rough weather for a year.to say it was a litle bit rusty is a litle bit mild to be fair.so today was action time and i got out my golden (read: yellow) gloves and scrubbed it.then spray painted it pink.waited for it to dry and then filled it with 3 fulls of white margeritts. shame im going abroad in 4 days.i will enjoy them to the full every day. perhaps theres a need for inviting people over so that one can enjoy them together.yes.perhaps.

also, decorating the wooden wall are green plastic leaves (ikea baby) hanging beautifully.it almost feeø øole a fprest.no not really abit tacky maybe but still very nice.and with thomas dybdahls voice coming out of my macedi speakers everything is sound.innit. heres photo taken at pitch black darkness at 0136 am

today is 2nd tolast day at work.tomorro is very last day at work. it is incredibly strange.its hard to express what feelings one are left with. lotsa love for sure.but sadness too.quirky strange and beautiful customers regulars and strangers, im sure gonna miss you!!!!

numusic is wickedywickedy, check out the line up at www.numusic.no

new things that i like

driving the car having dj shadow and "entroducing" in the speakers
running in the rain
climbing the wooden altan wall to nick the nails from the neighbours side of the wall to hang tacky plastic green leaves
staying up late instead of
getting the dishes ready to wash em up and leave it to dry forgetting till
wearing a fantastico hoodie with a great hoodie that covers every litle curl and makes it warm when toes are freezing cold

lets live life love and faith in respect of one another shall we

a pic of myself on the boat after havin visited me nan,she gave me her old sowingmachine a proper "singer-model"" bring on the 80s dresses!!!!yippeee!!

oops it wasnt me.it was the skkyline.almost as nice.

strawberries and sunshine your way.

my updates are rare.but thanks for reading.fred i hjertet. x