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Saturday, September 16, 2006


hey peeps i just finished work and am right back on it again in afew hours, but now am so awake afta walking home so ill do some surfin and then surf some dreams later on...ooohh very deep already

so i got this isight camera on me mac and i took a few pics (of myself of course) just a few secounds ago..
this is me smiling (something that i dont do all that much so i practise at late..read early...hours):

this is me being very deep and thoughtful

i just realised doing the next photo that i had trouble keeping me eyes closed at the same time as doing rabbit teeth...they just didnt want to stay shut. it took alot of focusing and concentration

good night good nutters

Monday, September 11, 2006

sore troat

me troat is sore so i don´t say much

Friday, September 01, 2006

chili,villa and hjelpestikker

Yesterday afta work (00:00) me n tone sat down for a nice footbath in our bins(they had been cleaned from paper first) had some chilinuts and caught up the experiences of the day. mine was awful abit for sure..i overslept, meaning i missed my lectures and got late for a meeting.then my mac crashed.hurray.then went to work which was realreal good and made loadsa money.yippe.then realised id lost my buscard which was in a folder with my student id and confirmation.whywhywhy.then did math..then went to bed..then did some more math cause couldnt sleep..then slept

breakfast at tiffanys this morning.beautiful.then meeting wiv tv peeps and numusic.then to the mac store to sort me mac..bit helpful.it will live the next comming week, then itl be taken into the docs again.dear.

then went to town for a bit , and then got home to do some numu things and eat. going to nans 79th bday tonight.yeayj..took some streetphotos of me stroll long the streets of stavanger today.will include a few but blogger is too slow rite noww so will put em on later