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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

besta på lenge eg har sitt

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hello world

hello..its been a while

and havent got much right now to say either. gonna add a few vids that i like
hope you like,if you dont thats ok i still do

feist - my moon my man

angus and julia stone - mango tree

foy vance - be with me

ive started some new tricks to get round.ive started riding my bike. and with a little help from a friend who does compilation albums, i mange to get up all them uphill uphills.some of them are raw.especially at 0300 am (the hill that is). sometimes i finish work at 0300, and then home 20minits later.phuh.

exciting news. me jennypenny funkstar is getting married in september and im gonna be a brides maid woop woop very excited indeed!!

im coming into my final year of uni.autumn is gonna be far to busy.but i shall survive. as you can tell from below ive committed to a new festival.more rock based.line up is well good.yeeha.we are in for some propa rock baby www.nordicmusicweek.com

and of course www.numusic.no
go to website for full line up.... already favourites by me is : nouvelle vague, goodiepal, dinosau, hudson mohawke, king knut, lindstrøm, son of dave and many more......woop

catch ya later....maybe that ll be in amonth.knowing my skills in updating a blog