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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

struck by wonder

there´s this book that i´ve started reading. I read it a few years back, i lent it to my sister and i lent it to a friend.then i started it again and dropped it in the bubbly bath, i dried it and made sure all the pages survived and to my joy they did. when i read it the 2nd time i wanted to write down some of the quotes cause they are so brilliantly served on a silver plate.but i forgot cause i couldnt stop reading to write. and no i picke up the book again 3years later.and my friend my friend, such a beatiful book and so well written i just cant find the words. i read a few lines (and abit more than that) when on the bus on way home from work today, suddenly i read some funny lines (which you do quite often in this book) and laughed aloud.and it felt so good, like the memory of something forgotten being remembered.and as i got out of the bus i continued laughing as it brought so much joy just those few words.

i just love that

today work was knackering.but good.hayfever is killing me slowly, not softly rather harshly really. later on went to a birthday partey which was great, so many fantastic people. i mistook a girl for the same other girl twice, and i couldnt pull it off, cause i said "hey you are getting married soon arent you" and "have you played any footie lately"..she was neither engaged or a footieperson..indeed..but i got to know her better so it was ok tho.she wont forget.neither will i.dear.

the sun is blinkin hot in stavanger these days.i promise its like the sun is right on my heel all the time.

today ive made some new friends just after one introduction and 2 coffees.yeyj.i have thought of getting to know people so its gooooood

<< My name isn´t the end of the story about my name, When your name is Bob no one asks you, "How do you spell that?" Not so with Piscine Molitor Patel.
Some thought it was P. singh and I was a Sikh, and they wondered why I wasn´t wearing a turban.
In my university days I visited Montreal once with some friends. It fell to me to order the pizzas one night. I couldn´t bear to have yet another French speaker guffawing at my name, so when the man on the phone asked, " Can Iáve your name?" I said, " I am who I am." Half an hour later two pizzas arrived for " Ian Hoolihan".>>

so my days these days are mostly work, but also fun, food and loadsa lafter.i do like my ice cream and i do like my sleep.i do like the beats of dancing feet.i like walking barefoot and sneaking corners on a shiny day.i do like the joy of finding things thought lost. i do like painting pink on white fabric and more pink on that too.

lesson learnt today; (and also a few years ago) <<"a novel set in Portugal in 1939 may have very little to do with Portugal in 1939.">>

the book to read is "life of Pi" by yann martel.especially if it looks abit worn.like after a dunk in the bath.



went to cabin last weekend, and biked from house to town in 15minits, praise the lord i didnt get run over by buses cars or taxies, or that i ran people people nd more people over.made it for my ferry and then biked from jørpeland to hyttå at jøssang. where i went for a swim in the sea and it was fantastic, probaly 21degrees .awesome.kept jumpin and jumin.then tried to get a tan, but ogt abit bored so got out my mac to take some piccies of my wiev and then fell asleep.it was nice. x

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

be with me

its all work and sunshine these days.worked all wekend, saw some beautiful people and familiar faces.
choco now makes its own slush and its lush, try it with rasberry ..de-li-ci-ous..mhm

working like a madman in the next coupel a weeks (6 in total) then of to uk for 2 weeks whichs great.very excited. today i ran into this girl from numusic and she is so beautiful in heart and words and everything and she always looks stunning aswell, after saying goodbyes, i had a look for any colorcoordination on meself as she was sorted in black and brown-sande ish colours..i had red shoes, light blue baggy jeans that are pretty much falling apart, a long pink tube top that came down from my brown hoodie (with no hood) and a litle green bag.and as always when is my hair ever in order? today my sis asked which colours it actually held..haha

this is alook of the back of the jacket oja, mirrored but its easy to get it aint it innit?

i like it.its cool.

i have been informed from a secret source that this fella i well worth having a listen to, not only once but a few more aswell: