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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a few pics of beauty

its near me house, and as these green bits and bobs are so beautiful how amazingly beautiful musnt their creator be

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

thoughts for busriders

when on bus back from uni these words came to mind..not about anyone not for anyone, just taste the words and you might like the sound of it ok if you dont thats ok too cause i know that i do


love you, love you not (i know) all the flowers gone
beware the wolf in corners
observe the lamb at sea
can´t believe it can you see it
crammed together in narrow places
my toes near your heel darling
can you feel it
itchy wilderness in me heart rolling faster than most
streams uglyness and posessed minds
driven by motioned feelings determined not to change


another one...






It´s been longer than a week since last time i wrote.horrific. but its been a real good week.dead busy but great too. Last night whole of choco went out for a 3 course meal at a fancy restaurant that you should all check out..for you in stavanger anyway.paparazzi baby.
it was real good to be out withh everyone, just chillin, eating great food..and funny thing and sad thing too tho, was that øzgurs mum was ill so there were 11girls of us.neat.haha..and with one of them being pregnant there was alot of baby, buggies and brazil talking..Hanne is going to Brazil for 3 months to do Sports course.lucky her. We´ve decided to write down all the silly things customers say and bring it along to the next do..haha...so be aware of your words eh..

been to uni, keep saying school, but apparently have to say uni, 4 hours worth of "økonomisk styringsledelse".no idea wot it is in english, ill work it out.
ive already had a butterscotch latte and chocmint latte..might ave to leave me wallet at home the next few days

am at coffeplace now wiv elisabeth and klara helen whos planning the decoration and artyfartyness for anita and kjell runes wedding.its on saturday ( sing it like de la soul..its saturday its saturday...dadadada..saaaaturday saaaaturday...babumtsh)

on friday its me nans 79th so thatl be all to the family jaaaaa

Monday, August 14, 2006

du e meg ein fine blomst e du

Eg e idag herved en studine ved det samfunnsvitenskaplige fakultet ved hotellhøgskolen ved universitetet i stavanger and it feels good!...rett og slett vakkert..tenk det du..studine...ikje elev men studine..fantastisk tanke det der...planen va å komma seg te skolen kl9...la oss helle sei at an blei 10 men ikje så verst det helle syns eg då...og der traff eg den vakre dorrit lett henslengt i en rødoransje sofa og då kan eg med handa på hjarta sei at det va et gledeligt gjensyn.den damå der e bra.fytti. så bjynte eg min vei for å registrera meg..på vei ner te h og s bygget øvehørte eg ei så snakte på telefonen og hu sa "...og nå har eg stått i kø i 2 timer for å registrera meg..." eg tenkte i mitt stille sinn at håbe hu ikje bjynne på same bokstaven som meg!!! men te min store forskrekkelse (jess heilt sant) så hadde de bytta registreringssystem fra tidligere år...alle på same fakultet,sirka 20 utdannelser i ein kø.festligt.og den va lang ja. eg slapp onna med 1time....merkelige greier..men så hang eg me tove me lunch og det va nais. hu e bra hu og.løgnaste..."kem e stoooooore" jaaaaaaa hahahaha (ja den va jo litt interne)
men eg må sei det e løye å gå i gangane og se folk for eg føle jo at eg kjenne ein haug med folk, men ittekver gang (nesten) så oppdage eg at de fleste e folk som har vert innom choco! eg sa tom hei og stort smil te ein elektriker..trodde an va fra imi men det va an ikje..hoff...

akkurat nå akkurat idag nå nå savne eg å ha tv. ville bare sei det. kanskje blir det film... på macn elle gamle slagere på lp spilleren istedet...den som lever får se...eller sove...
imårå bere det te figgjo...ska se på tallerker og dill.jess.

Denne fine blomsten va og på skolen idag...

late night entertainment

saw this on ben´s blog n absolutely like it alot

and while looking for the one above - i found this one...


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


ok,theres a line next to this post on the top right corner to a mark haddon website and i have no vlue how it got there, i definitevely did not put it there!help somebody please?

awake for the time being...i think

Saw this one at helens blog, and found it fantastic...maybe this is why i dont drink diet coke or perhaps why i should start...

tone and i had a shift together last nite and it was mental busy, then we came home and started some tidying up, me dad had been a star and sorted my cubboard while at we were at work. and got to bed at 230 am...and woke up at 2.30pm the next day....dear me.... whole day was just gone!but did a few washings and sorted a few emails and did abit of tidying, fed a rat(not me) and did some few earands in town. bought a table thingy called miriam, a good reason for bying it and also it was in the sales..

also ive managed to get my new lp-player working..and ive had some lovely tunes ringing in me ears the last few hours!!!

tomorrow am gonna help out painting in anna and sveinungs new house yeyj! i love things like that.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


after comin back after hols i went straight back into the work bizniz and it was rite nice to be back too..even tho hols were fantastic.
not gonna write a long blog cause its 0345, but thought id add the best compliment i got today..that i have nice ears..yes...my ears are good.thanx chuck..
also went to anna and sveinungs house, which is fantastico.and watched "RAY" about ray charles.good movie.but not as good as cash.
tomorrow got work at 5, but first family bdayparty at 3,yeyj, family fun and food.yum
i start uni in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heeeeeeeeeellllllllppp hmm dear me abit excited too tho...!!!
all for now to sum it up, good to work,good ears,good party to come, good years to lean many new things

Thursday, August 03, 2006

te the tea

må bare kommentera at no step sto på vingen....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

chill well in chilwell well chilled if u know wot i mean innit

hmm, today i got back from a flippin freakin excellent holidau in the uk.i was home again again, and it felt good. As you may read from the first blog i spent a few days in sheffield, and then went down to london and notts..

getting to london was a story for itself, cause i got to my first change of train in the trainjourney,being told most trains going to london were either cancelled late or stuck in traffic..which led to all trains being crammed and for my part i was in the "hallway" in between the buffet carriage and the bizniz carridg.insane.so many people and so hot, but everyone in good mood..and then the crazy buffetman started handing out peacnuts, coookies,apples,and water.very nice.train moved to next stop and stood there for another hour,..i was lucky to have a chatty neighbour standing next to me haha so it was nice to have a laf, also he was into music so that was good.so yeah exchanged som music favourites,shame i can only remember dj yoda..so got into lndn 1hour20minits later than planned,but not crap at heart just a litle tired..and mate wot a sight i was..in joggers, hair everywhere,smelly and carrying toooo many bags.dear.but i made it to brixton and went to pub wiv simon,karsten and damian(might ave spelt the latter wrong) which was great - thanx guys!!

The saturday(yeah cause it was on the friday i arrived)was spent chillin out in katies house in streatham, and then made my way to finsbury park where i was meeting mates to go to a jazzfestival in ealing..the journey itself was abit of a rumble and got me introduced to green gurkens..wont get them again i think not..this was wiv dilbert and emma and it was goodgood

then went home for grubs,,so i bough my favourite soup(am easy) carrot and corriander...put a bit in a bowl to heat in microwave (was very hungry) but then the microwave didnt work, so had to put it over in a sausepan and add more soup, but then the oven didnt work cause there were no matches...so it all got back in the container into fridge and i had frnch bread wiv cream cheese and tomato..made me laf lots.wimsymimsy

evening i went to angel wiv lotsa lotsa peoplw, 3 of them i met ingermany one of these were dilbert whose real name is joel, and joe and riccy, also met some siblings and friends..which onzly name i can remember is lizzy..and maybe andy??
we stayed at bar angel (which sounds abit tacky but was not) then went all over london..spotted the works of banksy and ald street.he is flippin nutter that man.love it

but it seemed my trouble wiv transport wasnt over cause the bus took 1hr n haf from london to bridge to brixton..hillarious..this time it was doors that wouldn close,poor driver felt so sorry for him, but got loadsa apllause and hurrays as we moved on and on and on and on...took a while,as he had to let peeps get off and the doors got stuck again

Sunday i had a lazy afternoon, went to brick lane to find brick lane market hafnhour b4 it finished.didnt find the brick lane market but found a market in brick lane.haha..got spotty scarves.very nice.busy plaze.liked it very much.then kept wandering the streets..went off to cambden and had some peeks in there too, but think ive been there too many times now..but the building on top/over the bridge is alwaysnice, so got some cards, a rubber fish,a mini tv, pirate plaster andpink box to have things in.yes.
Then met simon for grubs and fun.amusing happenings outside cafe and before..two elderly ladies(cant say old cause they werent old old just abit younger than old and definitively not young) reading the menu that we were trying to read too, but ended up just listening to one of the reading ladies...when eating..police walking old old lady to the bingo....bunch of foreign scousers crossing the street,all dressed the same...a building across the street with the sign (massive letters) saying farm..interesting..then enjoyed much much coffee, great company, ben and jerrys and various rides on the underground.

then when off to finsbury again for a film and lafter..i wish you all could meet the crew of finsbury cause they are a bunch of nutters for sure.

then went to nottingham,but instead of spending few hours on cooach i got ride wiv joe and liz - thanx!!!!!!

then nottingham wa proper chill out time wiv my friend bowen..we went for grubs wiv florece to a place called "fade & hard to find cafe" different name for a cafe..but great place still..and great people to be with.yesterday spent in town gettin some musika,breafast in pubcafe thing and then tea and coffe in this fancy place, an old music thing place and they had kept it the way it was,check out my pic for how they served the tea! evening was spent listening to fantastic music, watching french animee called"belleville rendez-vouz" WHICH YOU ALL SHOULD SEE.yes. and watching endless episodes of spaced..which was ok.haha

and then today i arrived back in good ol norway where the heat was still on.crazy

this blog is far to long but ive been away abit long so therefor fair =)

if you want to know what music i bought you have to read even further...

quantic (apricot morning) i had this one b4 but lost the cd 4 years ago.now i finally have the cd again
new order (the singles)
giles peterson in brazil
lily allen
lady sovereign
mr scruff keep it unreal
garden state soundtrack
modest mouse

and to records on vinyl being herbaliser -remedies and fog-ether teeth