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Sunday, August 06, 2006


after comin back after hols i went straight back into the work bizniz and it was rite nice to be back too..even tho hols were fantastic.
not gonna write a long blog cause its 0345, but thought id add the best compliment i got today..that i have nice ears..yes...my ears are good.thanx chuck..
also went to anna and sveinungs house, which is fantastico.and watched "RAY" about ray charles.good movie.but not as good as cash.
tomorrow got work at 5, but first family bdayparty at 3,yeyj, family fun and food.yum
i start uni in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heeeeeeeeeellllllllppp hmm dear me abit excited too tho...!!!
all for now to sum it up, good to work,good ears,good party to come, good years to lean many new things


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