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Friday, July 28, 2006

onkel reisende mac

hello there,missbeat has been in the uk since tuesday and it feels like ive been here for a week already..so many lovely beautiful people that ill miss the moment i go home..
first 2 nights i stayed with mike and hannah, 2 fantastic people that i want you all to meet, great hearts and good minds.unfortunately i avnt got a pic of hannah but there´l be one of mike below.hes a nutter.

also met up wiv james, wicked manager from when i worked at havana, youve all heard about that place eh-.see included photo from the botanical gardens and the squirrel that got lost..james is the person to sort your head out and keep you lafin and lafin..even to the invented jokes of mine that are not really or really not funny...

3rd nite in sheffield i stayed wiv dave n miriam cates and their fantastic cat called martin from germany.he buys monkeys and sells them back again as horses.crazy man

today, friday ill be off down to landan for a few days and then see the one and only dave in nottingham and then off back home again!8days that will have passed so quickly..

ive also been having the priviledge to meet up with jess, dave n laura n caleb,hannah, chris n becca, and mark&han - great that you were around for a catch up!!

today am just off to town for a little look in the sales...
see photos of great freater the greatest people::


Blogger Marit said...

ååå, det høres ut som du koser deg! :) gleder meg til å se deg igjen miriam! jeg er i stavanger nå om dagen, det er kos:) skal du være med til impuls hemsedal?

12:07 PM  
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