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Friday, February 23, 2007

sweet for my sweet..sugar for my honey...

I got back from work and figured id have a nice hot bath cause it was right jolly good last time..but ended up in front of the telly (sofa comes first, then stairway to upstairs).. so sat down, and tuned in for sum music, and who else was on stage than scissor sisters...arite!!

turns out it was the brits award..just a wee later than when it was in uk (which was on the one and only valentinesday) Ellie asked me if i got nething in the mail, wot really happened was that i got so many cards i sew em together as a duvey.very comfy.

so this evening i decided to enjoy some sweets from earlier days:
1 st out: Gomp.. yellow and pink chewy sweets looking like jelly beans but bigger and sooo much better.oh yeah.and they went in a rush.gone.none left. on the back theres a character of the "gomp" and this evening im surely the "king of gomp"

then what you used to be "lebestift" (lipstick) but has now apparently been taken over by the "loveheartsbrand". the thing just used to be a plain colour, like red blue or yellow or green(or is the latter all wrong) (this would be so much easier to explain in norwegian.flip) youd hold the sweet with a whit bit, and the sweet was same color nomatter the color of the case red blue yellow (or green?) but then tasting it, yum loveheart may have taken over the case, but the sweet is still the same. big it up for me friend

then the sweet that you never grow to old for. "kjaeleik på pinne". or slikkepinne..which we called it one the westside of the country..or westcoast to the rest of you. pink yellow or green.come on pinkness
i whent to see james bond with me mum, i got a back of sweets , she got 4 of these.but they were chocolate caramel ones.come on mum!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

and then it fell

had another exam today, and last one to be this following monday. then went of to one lecture of economics.then went to monas place where i met another moose..what is this al about?

and a fish high on statistics gaspin for air

took a strange pic at 3swords and lost the camera pocket at the same time (its pink) its a gift so am bit sad :/ see:

eventually got home after seing few funky peeps. where i did something very nice for myself.listen. i love having baths but theres one problem after 5minits ill be bored.magic gone.when was kid i lloooved it cause all water would after a certain amount of time end up on the floor and allsorts. so i figured if i was gonna relax id have to do it properly. this is recommendable:

set up loadsa cubecandles in every corner.lighten them.fill tub, and put body shops shea bath bubbles into while tap is on, music importante, off goes the lights and enjoy...another change since i was younger..im longer..kinda surprised but not..i wote for longer tubs.and i stayed for 20minutes!wwohey..even fell asleep but woke up when got shea bubbles in mouth..not recommendable...

new series of csi started today, first part was quite dull but when it started to get serious, it was to be continued...of course.

after a few hours i kinda thought itd be wise to get to bed and realised the outside was covered in snow.tchiching from none to covered in afew hours.very strange.heres some photos of it: im thinking itl soon be wise to get a flicker..haha

i hope it stays longer longer loooooong

Sunday, February 18, 2007

hit the road jack

so, i dont get a kick from being sick
and staying in all weekend is not one of my top 5things of what to do.but when neither your head, nose, throath, did i say head, body, feet, back and etc is not on your team.you stay in.
so this weekend was just ok.
A big up was a phone convo with the beautiful Jess and loooooong lie in
also, im on me own for a week, meaning ive got a whole house and a car to look after.its a hard life. and with noone to look after this poorly lass, i had ice cream for breakfast - way to go. but i did cook a meal later on.abit much later on. and i like cooking even when im sick. so you may endavour me cooking skills i made eggnoodles with all kinds of terrefic vedges, these being : carrot, sweetbeans,ruccola(lookes like the leaf of the flower),pepper, tomatoe, squash, and homemade red pesto.yum.luckily my taste didnt go with the cold, llike the rest of my temperature. adding a few photos of me meal.proud gal in the house lalalalala.


theres been a request for wedding photos unfortunately i forgot to take photos after the church, so you´ll have the pleasure of seeing a few mooses in trippets wine bare, who i sat next to at the table, arty shot of jo coming in, jess driving..an arty shot too cause..oh you´ll see for why..and dave and caleb yesssss

........ and from monopoly time from bugalow and bears.......and an advert for help in quitting smoking..seems painful

Saturday, February 17, 2007


i was just thinking.........................

i forget that i like

* sitting on the floor with my back to the wall, stretch out me toes and suddenly sitting at 90degrees
* bubbling bubbles in the shower
* to look at the different colors and lenghts of zippers in shops
* the smell of coffee beans better than drinking it
* watching people on the tube (easy to forget cause there aint that many of em here)
* imaging what the clouds look like and what sound they make when we are not watching,,,
* playing pink panther on the piano
* swedish worship songs


got a freakin cold thats doin me head in.so tonight i had a bag og crisps.sweets.itunes.water, and now at the hours of 00:03 im about to make ice coffee (thats with icequeem, miw and booooooooollllllllllld coffee)
yum..when i should really be in bed and recovering.......


got any tip for getting rid of cold?
(eating raw garlic doesnt count)

dill dext dime, i watched a gread idalian film earlier , unfordunadly i cant remember dhe didle.maybe ill ave do ged back do you on dhad one

o so long long so o

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

a dash of pink

i think ive might have fallen into a bucket of pinkness..cause i see alot of it at the moment.its a good thing not to worry

just got back from my rambling in uk approximately 3hrs ago,slept most of my travelling,and should ave gone to bed ages ago..live now sleep later
and ive got a new phone, that will scroll, so you can now send me long long long messages again,hurray

last buyings from uk spending music that is:

* angie stone - mahogany soul

* milanese-paused 1up front
* daedelus - denies the day´s demise
* lamb - what sound

classic rock (as fopp so nicely puts it):
* alanis morissette - the collection

* broken social scene - red

2much pop for my cup atea:
* just jack - overtones

also got the ghostbusters dvd -awesome
and the wagamama cookingbookingthingything..oh yeah

and a 80s dress thatl go nicely over sum jeans yesyes and a few other bits and bobs.also got the book about tony thats hikes in ireland with a fridge very very funny

sheffield was absolute tremendous, thank you so much everyone that i saw, you know who you are

phil: i completely forgot to take photos,but i got to arty ones, and lots of jess, and lots of mike and hannah, and lots of dave and caleb..id definately recommend the shot of 3 strange people in a wine bar trying to be mooses, plus the nice inside roof of jess´s car and a monopoly shoe in distress. let me know

ta and good night