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Sunday, November 26, 2006

friday night saturday morning

am in middle of exams and not likely to have nething useful to say..but tend to laf alot..which is ok, it means am happy, am appy which i am yes. except for last friday when i had me first exam and i was so peed with meself i went home and went for a jog.full on 290minutes.a jog.dear me.think it will be a while till next time i jog..dont tend to be angry wiv myself all that much.got nother exam on thurs and then on monday and then christmas holidays!!yeyj!!!will be working some and reading for do it agian in february exam haha :D and some chillin of course

this was my wonderful weekend
friday: exam..jog..work6pm till 12.30am..out on the nightlife till 4 in the morning (it wasa a blast)
saday: work 11am till 6pm ... medarbeiderfest 730pm til late
suday: work 11am till 430pm... church..chillin at linn (that rhymed..very nice)

i do like my dots oh yes i do

have a look at this fab video that i got of new music website, which you should have a look at...check it out at www.numusi.no

wickedy wicked

am at uni every day am till late if neone wants to have a break anytime..reading math til thursday- hurray!

peace n love

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

numbers and dots


its been a while, got 3 xams comin up and am not too thrilled about it..first un is economics this friday, then math on next thursday and then psycology in managment within bizniz and organizations the following monday, and in between a hand in on the latter xam,terrific time.but Gods doing his things so am not so very much allowed to say im gonna die..cause if ive asked him to keep me head up i cant walk about again and again and again saying its gonna go horrid all over the place...yes

this is my xam face (taken in me red beautiful best chair in the world, tucked in a duvey thingy and lovely canada beanie on me head... and heater right next to me but you cant see it :D

does my nose look big in this?

i recently got randi tytingvågs newest and its so fantastic beautiful remarkable,so its the album of the week..let go let go let go( actually its only one time) just so you dont go can i have this artist wiv let go let go let go...they might give u a strange look...or maybe they´ll do that neway :D

a friend said to be today,...do you know that you are abit strange....and i said yes and it makes life better ( in norska direkte øvesatt ikje i det heila tatt: ja og eg leve vel med det )
and finish wiv how tante keeps saying, theres a 5-year old in all of us.so true..keep it real

words are sometimes abit funny and names too, but ive been told my name in full cept for my last name means peace and love !!! neat id say

so therefore signing of today wiv that in mind

peace & love (...cave)...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

roudy neighbours

was chillin ouf today wiv ester and linn at sting which was real nice.such a great place and saw a few familiar faces which is good too..then went off for a groove at halv12 :) which was funky..town seemed quiet tonight or aybe we were bein loud..wise words learnt and well spoken through the night; He has to be a MAN! (han må ver mann med trykk på mann) jadda

arly rise and shine tomorrow, hen work, then birthday then sunday ja.soso quickly this time is flying past me windows...hope the rain wont last forever either


Sunday, November 05, 2006

creative thinking in the nighttime dear

well, apparently magnus wasnt as found of the animal kingdom as i was, but these ones i do like...being creative at 2am i guess..lemme know what you think

might still scare the blokes away tho,...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

a litle sumfin for the kids

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


in a rush so ave to run, but least i got to change what am eavesdropping to to what am eavesdropping to at the moment.. kidkoala and shadow is a hit for sure
ciao all me loved ones