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Thursday, March 02, 2006

cream crackered

am sooo nacked.its been a dead busy week and i avnt had a day off since last tuesday, that being last month.flip. today i worked 925 then made a leap to catch ferry to me nans for tea.she made me sumfin i dont know the word for...its similar to meatballs only they are close to flat instead and they are made of fish not mince.and no itsnrot fishfingers.

i cant stand girls magazines very much at all cause they tend to be full of crap and advertisement etc (most of them)(no offence to people who like em), but its amazing wot crazy tiredness can do to you.so i got one one on the way back along with some salty licorice fishes...the latter were more interesting tho.

still havent had a chance to sort out sunglass photos,patience is a good thing,a worrying thing too sometimes.

am going to the canary islands on saturday with me family which will be real nice, me mum n dad are there already, so me n sis will go together..and we have to get up at 5 - AM! but for a week of sun,beach,sea,sun,beach,sea,ice cream,beautiful tan and great food + the "odd" couple of "red"tanned danes,swedes,germans, and white english laying about...interesting
ill deff take some pics of that . .hehe

wish you all a beautiful weekend


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