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Friday, March 24, 2006

guten tag,was ist los?

hello there,

its been a while

things have happened

yes we are back in sunny freezing occasional snowy stavanger and it feels good..ive tried to update and include pics from me sisters pc but it wouldnt upload them that is the reason for no pics from the holdiday yet..its time will be later and rewarded..hehe..

also the other night me and hanne therese was avin a look at the music summer festivals this year and was gutted that the tickets for oxegen in irland were alreaddy sold out, apparently they were all gone within 12hours,blimey..so we did sum surfin and stumbled upon a german festival and yesterday we booked our tickets!!!!and its gonna be crazy, the prize is 96 euros including the 3day festival,camping and parking - come on..all we need to figure out is how to get there from hamburg. flights arent to expensive either and knowing the line up of artists its definately gonna be worth it.check it out at www.hurricane.de its all in german haha but u should be able to track it down. BUt.. if others are gutted about oxegen and wanna go to germany (hurray) then yes we are up for driving, especially if youve got a car!hehe
heres a few of the artists: take a deep breath:
Ben Harper/sigur rõs/muse/the cardigans/arctic monkeys( i bet you look good on the dancefloor,put on yer dancing shoes)/donavon frankenreiter/death cab for cutie/manu chao/the strokes/the hives/elbow/the ark/shout out Louds and many more phuh fantastic eh

today i got snowboardboots yes, nice. wot else,hmm there isnt much else except for am going to djermaniiiii this summer.happy

have a look at my latest link for photos - its wicked

thats all for now, ill sort them photos as soon as i can and no no no i havent had me hair chopped


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