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Monday, March 27, 2006

care for a cup a tea?

so, its late..

and ive just got back from the cinema, worked first from till 5 then had tea with me sister and then wandered town for abit,which was very nice afta a looong and busy day at work..and then i thought id watch "walk the line" in the cinema and got tickets at 7 thinking the show started at half7 only at haf7 to realise it started an hour later.doh.so i slacked around in the cafe drawing on a sign board - check it out and be tempted to an italian soda wiv watermelon or blueberries or a fresh fresh fruit frappecino.yap.thats wot i did.how can u be so clumsy i dunnot know..so i went and got some music in the sales..John Legend,Tom McRae and wait for it..haha..Dolly Parton..interesting mix. only had a quick listen while waiting for the bus.its good to be out at night wiv the only light being the lamp posts and the then the church in front of it all.i feel safe.safe.unbreakable.not true but still safe.safe

Walk the line was great i really really really enjoyed it and its been a while( i mean,ive seen some lousy ones lately) I need more of his records ive got one tho,.amazingzing

oh something funny happened today, the actors for the norwegian film "lange flate baller" was at the cinema to do a promotion thingy/press and came to ours for grubs and drink, and it was great to see how laidback they were,quite funny to, and me jokin around as always had a laf wiv them.very funky.yes

and thanx to all who came to choco today (even tho u didnt come 2 see me hehe it was great to see you all) you know who you are. The rest of you...i fink you need a hot choc wiv cream and sprincles comecomecome

hello and good night..ill try and add sum photos rite now after closing this post..if they dont appear then look forward to next time yeah

you are bonkers yes you


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