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Monday, May 29, 2006


ive got a stuffed nose and sore throat.work this evening is gonna be an interesting event.abit reduced but planning to sell more coffee and cakes than ever before.come on
so now am typing in my newly invested mac and having a blast.sososososo much fun.hehe.lovin it.changing all my music into itunes gonna take so much time but ill get a chance to hear through most of my music over again so its a good thing id say.rite now caribou is on its way next up is lovely cardigans,who ill be seeing this summer in hurricane germany this summer.lovelylovely..
mums just made me a nice cuppa cinnamon tea..yum,itl do my throat good...
this morning i had breakfast at (h)ostehuset wiv me aunty marvel, or tante anne inghild and it was great, the food and the company!! we had sum nice bread wiv pesto,tomato and mozzarella...yeszz me love..very nice
and now theres a skipping cd stuck in me mac and ive got a few hours to get it out b4 i gotto go to work.fantastic.always something new to learn eh??

Ben Folds Five - for ever and ever amen
(the next to get ready for itunes actually)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

yes..today i worked for 11hrs,and was close to dead on me way home, on me busride i planned having an early nite, but being an extrovert that didnt happen so i cruised into puls for some word and grubs.great combination.there i met some right bonnie lasses, marit it was real good chillin wiv,sorry if i was abit up the wall but ickle tired afta a long day.i will try to remember, i will buy u strawberries if not.remind me yeah?
so got home eventually,after a quick stop at the local shop for fruit,youghurt,icecream and sweets...i feel so sick..too much too quickly..
was funny cause while being on bus haakon came by in his blue car,i couldnt see him for all the dreads but deffinately(i know-not how you spell it,but i couldnt care less) his blue car.
on the tenth of june ill be moving into a new flat, and tomorrow late avo ill be meeting the landlord to sign the contract...very very exciting!!!yesyesyes!!!! ill be moving in wiv a beautiful gal called Tone.she is a nutter and she is great!
check out www.numusic.no for great line up this september

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


i avnt got nething useful to say today, xcept for my last outcomes of the week which lines up to be a few...worth avin a peek at..
linkin park - meteora
jose gonzalez - veneer
elektrofant - wørk
herbie hancock - a selection of tracks from the blue note years
Dj shadow cd and dvd - in tune and on time
finding neverland (ave already seen it but its v good)

so a fearly sweet mix of tunes for all your beautiful ears..enjoy...if you get hold of them that is...

work is mad busy at the moment,which we lovelovelove..but will have a day off thursday which am very much looking forward to, anyone up for a walk on the beach,preferably sola?depending on the weather reports..coffee places are nice too..

and yes ive seen the davinci code but didnt think much of it.the books were great but the making was just ok.thats my opinion anyway

ave a good week people

Thursday, May 18, 2006

tremendous thursday

when i left for work this rainy day it was pourin down so i wore me wellies which i hadnt in a very long time.they are blue.but when leaving work it had dried up so i wore me workshoes home.it was nice to take them off.yes.

and now i give thee the album of the week as it is thursday and almost the end of the week so maybe it should be the album at the end of the week instead of the bieginning, as ive been late the last couple a times..dear...

Caribou (formerly dan snaith's manitoba)

www.caribou.fm if you wanna check out their amazing stuff

im in need of a car 3rd week of june, going souf to go north in germany with benedicte, can you lend me one?


Animal sounds from around the world This is a fascinating grid showing the sounds that animals are said to make in different languages:
Cat mewing
Danish: miav
Dutch: miauw
English: meow
Finnish: miau
French: miaou
German: miau
Greek: miaou
Hebrew: miyau
Hungarian: miau
Italian: miau
Japanese: nyan nyan/nyaa nyaa
Russian: miyau
Spanish: miao
Swedish: mjan mjan
Turkish: miyav
Urdu: meow


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reason for writing this late you say? well i got back from work an hour ago and cant sleep just yet.

funny thing happened..id worked long hours and ran for my bus (had 2minitlimitto make it) got in,sat down.breathing badly..anyone who says i shudd go to the gym shush,i dont need to cause i run for the bus nearly every day.ok,sitting down and then thinking theres something wrong ... i havent got me seatbelt on..then ...it does take me a few secounds i realise again am on the bus..whick doesnt have seatbelts cause its not a bus..very strange

i havent yet decided on the album of the week.i will tomorrow. dont pee in ur pants till then.hang in there...

church last nite was great,especially the speaker was great, as he is so great the rest of the family must be fantastic too

does anyone know how many goals christian(hesselberg) scored on his birthday in the us?

g'nite everyone
have a lye in on me

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


sum flicks and pics for you me darlin
on the ferry going to strand, in the evening we
went to the pub at tau called "tauraren." it was
quiz nite.u can tell we were in the mood for that
watch out you tau people-u dunno wot have hit
you till yer dizzy

it was rainin.porin down at the cabin and too
sum water pics including this piece.
rocks under movin water.very facinating

sunset photo taken inside.rain on window
at peace


there's a new bug in town

sol og sommer?

blimey its warm in stavanger! flip over and doubledutchin heyhey.its beautiful.yes. ive been workin loads these couple a days or week.and when ive gotten back from work ive been nacked. The day before yesterday my mum had sorted a foot bath for me to rest me feet in and then we had waffles.yum.
yesterday after work ole and i went to sting had grubs and then watched xmen,which was a good 1.number 3 will be in the cinema soon so gotto watch number2 very soon. whotinng ive got blades cumin out of me hands.be very afraid.
Today was payday so i treated meself to a very nice summery white top wiv ickle red spots on it and some bright coloured towels/beachtowels.bright pink and turqoise.jaaa..i like...u can tell am not very rational on a day like this..being a day after work...

havent bought ne music lately.but i will enjoy some special music this week as its maijazz in stavanger (www.maijazz.no) was hoping to see guru jazzmatazz but havent got ne fellow goers to go wiv yet..on monday there were a 100 tickets left so doubt therese gonna be ne left by the time ive made up me mind...oh well...dear...but i am gonna see Jamie Lidell whos biggin it up on saturday at 10.30pm!come on! he is a crazy one this one for sure. therefor the album of the week will be his latest release:

jamie lidell -multiply

if you wanna have a listen you should have a peek at www.myspace.com/jamie lidell

ill work on bein sensible another day.vær god og snill og spis is

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

its a beautiful day! its g12 tonight and before that am meeting marianne in a coffeeplace,somewhere where they serve nice coffee etc. its good to go somewhere different to what you work with isnt it.jokin.i love cafe's.
yesterday i downloaded the demo version of the vj(visualjockey)instead of dj.dealin wiv pics and images instead of music.tho you may add that too and and and
And its flippin so interesting.so much to read that i havent read, but still so many wicked things you can do to your images etc.at the moment am trying to get one picture going transparent/negative so that its possible to see another picture behind it,but seing both at once too....
Our nans been away to us for 2 weeks so we've been blessed(we,me n my sis) to take it to new places.there's a tape recorder in it, so the last week ive believed ive been listening to baba nation and ive told people so too...but a few days ago i realised it was ace of base - oh dear.but still some funky beats tho that would be wicked to sample somehow..one day...
so due to this last event the album of the week will be the tape of the week:
ace of base - happy nation