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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


i avnt got nething useful to say today, xcept for my last outcomes of the week which lines up to be a few...worth avin a peek at..
linkin park - meteora
jose gonzalez - veneer
elektrofant - wørk
herbie hancock - a selection of tracks from the blue note years
Dj shadow cd and dvd - in tune and on time
finding neverland (ave already seen it but its v good)

so a fearly sweet mix of tunes for all your beautiful ears..enjoy...if you get hold of them that is...

work is mad busy at the moment,which we lovelovelove..but will have a day off thursday which am very much looking forward to, anyone up for a walk on the beach,preferably sola?depending on the weather reports..coffee places are nice too..

and yes ive seen the davinci code but didnt think much of it.the books were great but the making was just ok.thats my opinion anyway

ave a good week people


Blogger Kjell Rune said...

Check out 'Headhunters' of Herbie Hancock. Groovy baby!!!

12:29 AM  

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