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Monday, April 24, 2006

monday beautiful monday

its two and a haf hrs into monday,the day of a new week and ive been so excited to put up the album of the week which i havent got meself yet,so you may call it cheating, but i am gonna buy it today monday...read and learn... so,many of me fellow friends got involved doing this myspace thingy but its most of the time doin me headin so ill stick to blogspot for blogging and use myspace for mostly artistindex info and updates. i think its a great thingy for artist etc very good very good... was at church tonight which was very good, met sum people and then went to watch xmen, but none of the videoshoppeople had it so we ended up watching..."...who you gonna call....-ghostbusters".very 80s,very casio,very strange music and lines and people.but good fun too its gonna be a busy week, but il try squeezin in sum ice age and ice cream..ill put in a great pic to of the best litter bin ever!i want one! and now

corinne bailey rae - corinne bailey rae

check out her myspace for links to musika and pics.beautiful girl and beautiful vocal.www.myspace.com/corinnebaileyrae wishing you all a great and blessed week x


Anonymous sara said...

how are things?

not heard from you in an AGE!

*has a myspace* its the webpage on this post!

hope to hear from u sometime.


11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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