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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

v for vendetta

just got back an hour ago from watching v for vendetta wiv Natalie Portman and it was very good.id see it again. next up is ice age ..two very different films i know.. v for vendetta is based on a cartoon, a very old one but they've managed to make a great film out of it for sure. loaded wiv sweets and water(unhealthy and healthy...not that it matters eh...) in a crammed place it was nice.or better than nice

anyone got an amp/forsterker that they are not using and want to lend me??yesyes??and maybe a longplayer aswell...ive got speakers and lp's but nufin to play em on...dear me...

ive decided to do a record of the week, out of me already established record collection as for the week starting wiv 18th of april the album of the week is

magnet - on your side


Blogger Kjell Rune said...

Now that's a tremendous album! I've listened a lot to it lately.
I'll give you an update on my blog asap. Sorry - lots to do this week:) Stay tuned, missy.
Hugs and stuff like that

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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