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Sunday, April 16, 2006

follow that bus

on the request from a great friend i am now updating me blog..yesyes

im still in the waiting hall for my mac to arrive and when it does am gonna go mental, cant wait to get started on the visuals..was at the cabin during easter hols and it just poured down for 3 days, so i put on me dads "work/dig in the dirt and rain suit" i looked hillarious as it was too big but it was great for the quest...taking pics of the little lake and rain and fences and and... no pics of me in thee suit tho...shame...yes... soon as i figure this flicker thingy out u may have a look at the amazing scenery...ja

also, ive invested in new (not that i had before..) funky espresso cups,..now all i need is an espresso machine...anyone?

am in the thinking of doing a podcast but havent quite made up me mind but ill keep looking into it..how about this..." this was the latest from caribou, u are listening to missbeat and follow that bus...." heyhey

anyone up for watching ice age..the norwegian version next week?? I do!

lotsa løv


Blogger Kjell Rune said...

Thanx. Seems like I kinda pushed a button. Hehey! A new post. That's what we can call 'call and response':)

Were at there movies at friday. Ice Age 2 made me laugh several times.

Now there's only one day left of the vacation:(
See ya soon!

10:20 AM  

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