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Friday, March 30, 2007


its 4 in the morning and i have just about finished copying all me photos to disks,and deleting it from the harddrive.scary. need more space on me pc, and as i avnt heard anything from tel yet me guess is that me vidfiles from the EHD died in the fire.so ill make em all over again,yippe.maybe ill do that over easter instead of readings on managing restaurants and hotels...hmm

well, stumbled across this video while me transfering of images and vids...it was fun to watch..maybe because it was 0400...you decide..


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

in the beginning

ive got an externarl hd.very neat. today i was to use it.and it was smokin. it was.and it wasnt pretty at all. smelt so burnt i wouldnt wear it to work even.(not sure you can anyway)me mac is packed, i can save,m ake anytihing, it will crash if so.so luckily i have this external hd thats smells burnt when i plug it.and it doesnt wanna work/or show up in finder, so its only smellin and not working.wheres the love in that. so cant use, but figured id get on with my shortclipanimation anyway and just do the piccies( doing a lego version of "give us today our daily bread") and completely did the whole memorycard in legos(it was cleared before getting started).. but i couldnt get it anywhere cause, as you have already read mac is full and ext hd doesnt work..help anyone?why is it smokin? why doesnt it show in finder or desktop?

so, figuring i my nursing skills couldnt fix hd or photo, i figured id fix the soundsystem of Haugland and cave´s´livingroom.yes. by the time tone got back, i was having noodles and floor was covered in leads of all kinds, 4 speakers, 1 long play recordplayer, 1 systemcd/cassette thingy and 3 forsterkere, and they all had their issues, and not able to whip it together to one piece, so still stuck with me old one.gutted.wanted to listen to my german bought japanese bossanova.

hillarious. apparently i told the whole thing in a very amusing (dont know how that happened) way and tone loves living with me.hurray.so it wasnt all bad. we will be going to ikea soon (not right now) to get shelves.first we need a car.

in 6hrs i have 4lectures in economy.dear.and i cant be in bed for them.wont teach me alot now will it, except for how to sleep properlly...hmm...

was in trondheim this weekend.partying with chocoboco.and my o my was it a blast. we had such a good time together.even got some time for shoåpping aswell.yippe. but at the party a lady danced with the economy man in charge in the bizniz, and the lady he tried dancing salsa with stepped on me left foot at least 5 times (she had heels) and yes it did hurt.but hurts alot more today.maybe its broken. joke its not broken. it has grown into 2 feet.meaning i now have 3 of em.i would be worse in football than i already am for sure.haha

picture of my hair feeling the chaos of the floor...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

img src="http://www.weblogcartoons.com/cartoons/o-window.gif" alt="cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com" />

Cartoon by Dave Walker

Monday, March 12, 2007

consider youssef tagged

Some of me Norwegian peeps have sarted this thing in their blogs, its a tag thing going on. rules are: write 6 things about youssef, and pass on to another 6 people of whom you choose, which you list on the end of your "things", plus sending em a comment about going to yours truly blog to find the rules..yepyep..mines are:

1. i can only whistle one tone, but i can do it backwards too..does that count as 2?

2. if i dont sleep enough i nosebleed

3. my hair lives its own life.meaning i can get out of bed and be very happy.cept for yesterday when i had massif afro curls on the right side of me head, and close to zero curls on the left...

4. a) im the best in being the worst in imitating norwegian accents,
b) if i cant remember words ill just make up something similar (strangely that doesn´t either help me in pulling off an accent)

5. i have "absolute music 8" and no you can´t have it.

6. i went into platekompaniet ( norwegian chain-record store) and asked for Gwyneth Paltrow´s latest album
(at least a year ago)

and the next up are : Val, Ben, Dan, Phil&Mags, Matt, Ruth

hereby trying to pass it on to the english, and they may have a laf looking at all the quirky norwegians...