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Friday, March 30, 2007


its 4 in the morning and i have just about finished copying all me photos to disks,and deleting it from the harddrive.scary. need more space on me pc, and as i avnt heard anything from tel yet me guess is that me vidfiles from the EHD died in the fire.so ill make em all over again,yippe.maybe ill do that over easter instead of readings on managing restaurants and hotels...hmm

well, stumbled across this video while me transfering of images and vids...it was fun to watch..maybe because it was 0400...you decide..



Blogger Kjell Rune said...

Mangla bare Wenche Foss eller noe nå... Skal si ho dama dansa!!!

8:32 AM  
Blogger Jan Ruben said...

Syke syke menneske. Men pigere så løyen du e. Fortsett sånn;-)

2:41 AM  

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