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Monday, January 22, 2007

tuna tomato nachos and pie

monday afternoon

so i avnt updated in a while

latest investment laminating machine and answerphone machine.problem with the latter is no landline.but it was very nice
also got new lps, stevie wonder and 80s chics bellying out marvellous tunes

this weekend coming up is impuls very excited then in two weeks wedding in sheffield yeyjyejyejy. supposed to retake an exam in february but havent started revising for it and am not sure when il get the time either...so litle bit worried about that one...just slightly

all weekend been out and about. mainly in town. saturday at cememnten grooving for 3hrs was tremendous reallly it was..havent heard as funky set in a very long time. so i didnt turn up at uni this morning as for being nacked and watching to many sex in the city episodes with TOne.well worth it

startung work in hour n haf and supposed to do reading for financial class tomorrow but havenet got the concentration so am in chocoboco looking at strange people.theres quite a few of them...

been with me granma in town today and it was very nice.she is hillarious in fact.great heart and great person

btw heres a litle advertising for chocoboco, we´ve got a new menu out and its v nice :O)
peace n love


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hei dancing girl!
missed you in chocoboco...
...call us on skype soon as
ps you might want to activate the word verification for comments on your blog too

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice chatting with you just now!
remember to keep that hot choccy for meg og take quirky pics at the wedding

7:00 PM  

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