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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

give peas a chance

so another 6mths is passed and i have trouble remembering it all..had me last exam before christmas monday the 4th so now its all hols, work and chillinvanillin. we had this very neat exam party last night, so first a few of us went out for a meal and then went to taket which had been hired only for us, and did we have a good time, oh yeah we did!! got home at 0400 and up at 1pm..very well... project of the day was to tidy my room, which had been forsaken during me exams. moved things around abit and now it looks so much better. ive even got christmaslights(fairylights tha is) in the window!!yeah..and been playing the lovely tunes of the 50s60sand70s all all day.jolly good id say.

tomorrow is work, but first im having this beautiful gal comin to see me, marit you rock!itl be fab to see you!

also ive been decorating some windowspace, therel be a pic of it right after this, with me in the front of course.cant leave out me, thats no good.you need to know what i look like!



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