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Friday, January 05, 2007


hello kidz,

its that time of the year again now isnt it. jolly good. First toronto coming up then impuls full on and the am off to uk for a brilliant couples wedding. really excited about all them things. uni starts monday the 4th and i should ave started toing some prereading 2weeks ago..give me sunday ill be right there.
The Vj that was ova for impuls last year is coming back for more, so at the moment am translating the "skriv din historie" album to give him sumfin to do ... yeah right. but i am

been listening to lately;

blackalicious - nia
beatles - 1
damien rice - newest

cant remember if ive said or not, but theres this very nice tea with mexican mango and chili, and u sure feel the chili as aftertaste, and its good. or b-e-a-utiful as sumone else would say.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ily <3

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ey! Godt nytt år!
Jeg kom over noen lyder jeg tror vil falle i smak. Desverre ingen fulle spor men et navn som er verd å holde øre med …

8:39 AM  

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