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Monday, December 24, 2007

i missed it on the telly due to working, but there's no lille julaften without it

Thursday, December 20, 2007


So the last few days have been very strange.

Been doing nightshifts at the hotel.training for nightshifts that is. I'm telling you it easily twists your mind big time! start work at 10.30pm and finish at 7.00am I will sleep at 0730am and wake up 5.30pm...tonight(or this morning as it is) is my last nightshift, so gotto get up at 1pm instead..im gonna be in a very strange state for sure.haha.

Its been good times the last few days.

Birthday celebration of me sista (21) tuesday with family where we went out for a meal.it was yum and delicious
then wednesday me sis had her friends rounds so was there for abit before i had to head for work. we played that fantastic game called "alias" - crazy times.

Friday is my last day to get the christmas shopping done, as im working the rest. and knowing i've only nailed 3 so far, its gonna be mental.woopwoop

latsalove latsa love


Tuesday, December 04, 2007



Det e juleferie og det e heitl fantastisk,eg e så glae heilt neri tedene og heilt udi krøllene...wooohoooo.endeliggen ferige me heila eksamensmarakkelset heyheyhey!!!!!!

Gud e for oss. Hans velsignelse e stor!!!!ja!!!!!!!!!

woopwoop det e jool


(hadde siste eksamen i dag i markeds og nærings økonomi (micro) og va innstilt på stryk men halleluja hvis eg e heldige så får eg D. hvis ikje så får eg E for eksepskjonelt dårlig men egentlig bedre enn stryk!)